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  • iQiKi a notification indicator that uses LED-based lighting to notify you of any incoming calls, messages, e-mails or other app notifications. You don`t need to check your smart phone every 5 minutes to see what you’re missing, or use loud ringtones in quiet environments. You just need iQiKi.
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  • Simple way
    to be in the loop

    You can take iQiKi to your office to set on your desk during a quiet meeting, or you can use it at home while your child is asleep. Make sure you don’t miss any important notifications while riding bikes through the woods. iQiKi defines the importance of each notification received from your phone with a clean simple system of 12 LED-based lights that help ensure you’re using your phone only when you need it.
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  • Highlight important events

    iQiKi is a small, clean device with a simple strip of LED-based lights that helps you define the type and importance of incoming notifications. The slim strip of 12 bright LEDs makes this incoming information easily noticeable in any situations at a glance. iQiKi has no sound or vibration, only a lighted interface which makes it perfect for that important meeting, family outdoor party, or keeping fit at the gym.
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  • Enhance
    your notifications

    Because of its small size, iQiKi can be easily kept in your pocket, clipped on a jacket sleeve while riding or driving, or placed on your desk while in a meeting with partners or clients. The idea is to make the complex notification system of a smartphone more convenient, simple and actually smarter. It’s a perfect companion for your iPhone, even showing the user’s image. With the iQiKi, there are no unnecessary functions, no unneeded elements, plus a long battery life.
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  • Suit everyone and everywhere

    iQiKi can essentially upgrade the standard notification system of your iPhone, providing it with unique individuality. The stylish design of iQiKi and eye-catching light indicators are not just friendly and bright, but very effective for managing your time and business. With just a simple add-on device, your smart phone becomes more functional and well-balanced. iQiKi helps improve communication, allowing you to stay in touch and control your everyday information traffic.

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